31 May 1Numerous different possibilities live for how to trade a newly recognized forex market trend. These strategies can differ significantly depending on the time frame that the directional trending progress in the exchange rate occurs within.

Fundamentally, once a trader has properly recognized the way of the recent trend – maybe by drawing a trend line between consecutive highs or lows and observing whether it has a negative or positive grade – they will then be able to decide what period of time the trend covers.

They will also desire to select a trading strategy that is suitable for that time frame to use to benefit from the predictable continuation of the trend.

The time frames for which positions are usually held when trend trading frequently consist of the following:

  • Small-term Trend Trading – This strategy identifies small term trends whereby they buy and sells looks to benefit from moves up within an investment period that can be from less than one day to more than a week.
  • Medium-term Trend Trading – This strategy, the trader identifies the trend within a best time frame that generally can end from a few months to a few weeks. For example, the long term trend can be superior, while the medium-term trend might be sideways, representative to the trader to trade within a range.
  • Long-term Trend Trading – Make up one of the most beneficial trading strategies when executed precisely by an experienced trader. The objective of this type of strategy is to make out the long term trend, wait for a chance to find a position at a better price, and hold the position until the main trend reverses, which can be everywhere from numerous months to numerous years.

Mainly, trading properly with the trend entails a trader also allowing for the time frame involved in the movement, because the most excellent trading strategy may not be as easy as purchasing when the market is in an uptrend and selling in a downtrend.


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