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Here are mention a lot of factors that affect the stock market, here are mention below are a list of the main factors.

  • Rate of Inflation
  • Rate of Interest
  • Employment rates
  • The property market
  • Oil prices
  • War
  • Natural disasters
  • Big company mergers
  • Big company buy outs
  • Bad/ good company news

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Today Market News:

– Indian markets are expected to trade in the range today. Global markets are trading positive. Greece has rejected the extension of the bailout program of worth USD 272 billion under the hard rules imposed by ECB. Gold has taken a hit because of the same reason. Negative sentiments in gold are still high, gold is expected to trade till its immediate support level of USD 1201-1203. COMEX Crude is moving around its resistance level of USD 54.20, any movement above or below this will decide the trend. Tata Motors and Tata Steel are expected to trade with negative sentiments on behalf of weak performance seen in Tata Motors and Tata Steel is providing cash to its foreign subsidiary, which will lower its cash balance. Public sector banks are in focus because of FM Mr. Jaitley’s comment on reviewing the execution and the impact of policies.

– Biocon Future seems to be in a positive terrain, buy on dips could be the best strategy to go with.

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