Intraday strategy for CURRENCY MARKET is given below

Support for CURRENCY USDINR Support is seen at 62.8500 – 62.7000 and 62.5500 levels while resistance is seen 63.1500 63.3000 and 63.5000 levels.

Support for CURRENCY EURINR Support is seen at 84.5000 84.3500 and 84.2000 levels while resistance is seen at 84.8000 84.9500 and 85.1500 levels.

Support for CURRENCY GBPINR Support is seen at 101.3000 101.1500 and 101.0000 levels while resistance is seen at 101.6500 101.8000 and 101.9500 levels.

Support for CURRENCY JPYINR Support is seen at 62.3000 62.1500 and 62.0000 levels while resistance is seen at 62.6000 62.8000 and 63.0000 levels.



JPYINR on intraday charts had violated the upper consolidation in the previous session and remained on lower side for the whole session. Selling pressure may be seen below 62.3000.


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