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Market Outlook On Wednesday, Indian Rupee came under pressure in the first half of the session following tension arising between India and Pakistan border. Hence, it snapped its gains in previous two sessions. On the domestic front, data showed India’ fiscal deficit stood at 121.5% of the budgeted estimate of Rs 6.24 lakh crore for[…]

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Market Outlook The Rupee’s sharpest rally in almost a year is giving India’s central bank scope to take out an insurance policy for what could be a tumultuous 2017. China’s yuan weakened against the dollar on Tuesday as the greenback hovered near a four-week high against a basket of currencies. Fundamental News The dollar fall[…]

Stock Market Picking News 25 Jan

Markets recovered from two day losses as Asian shares strong up move formed the base for Indian indices due to Crude Oil rebounding while European shares were also up after ECB hinted towards further ease in policy; all these factors helped the markets to close with gains of around 2%. Nifty future sustained above 7400[…]

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Market Wrap-up: MARKET UPDATES. Finally, Benchmark share indices saw some respite after suffering for fourth straight trading sessions amid buying at lower levels after valuations turned attractive post the sharp correction in the previous session. Value buying was seen in index heavyweights like Tata Motors, TCS, Infosys, BPCL & Reliance Ind as well as recovery[…]

Top Factors that affect the stock market

Here are mention a lot of factors that affect the stock market, here are mention below are a list of the main factors. Rate of Inflation Rate of Interest Employment rates The property market Oil prices War Natural disasters Big company mergers Big company buy outs Bad/ good company news Above mention all these factors[…]

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PIVOT TABLE CURRENCIES S1 S2 S3 R1 R2 R3 USDINR 61.1500 61.0500 60.9500 61.4000 61.5000 61.6000 EURINR 78.0000 77.9000 77.8000 78.3000 78.4000 78.5000 GBPINR 99.1500 99.0500 98.9000 99.4000 99.5000 99.6000 JPYINR 56.8000 56.7000 56.6000 57.0000 57.1000 57.2000  TECHNICAL VIEW GBPINR GBPINR on daily charts had found constant support near lows since last three sessions and[…]

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PIVOT TABLE CURRENCIES S1 S2 S3 R1 R2 R3 USDINR 60.7500 60.6500 60.5500 60.9500 61.0500 61.1500 EURINR 78.6500 78.5500 78.4500 78.9000 79.0000 79.1000 GBPINR 98.6500 98.5500 98.4000 98.9000 99.0500 99.2000 JPYINR 56.7000 56.6000 56.5000 56.9000 57.0000 57.1000 TECHNICAL VIEW                                                                                                EURINR EURINR on daily charts had consolidated since last three sessions and on intraday charts[…]

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PIVOT TABLE CURRENCIES S1 S2 S3 R1 R2 R3 USDINR 60.6000 60.5000 60.4000 60.8000 60.9000 61.0000 EURINR 80.5500 80.4000 80.2500 80.8000 80.9000 81.0000 GBPINR 100.9500 100.8500 100.7000 101.2500 101.3500 101.5000 JPYINR 58.7000 58.6000 58.5000 58.9000 59.0000 59.1000 TECHNICAL VIEW                                                                                                 USDINR USDINR on daily charts found support of the trend line and closed above[…]

Types of favorite Shares

In universal, there are Following four different types of favorite shares: 1) Redeemable and Non-redeemable: A redeemable favorite shares are subject to the terms where they are responsive to be redeemed at either a set of time, or the company’s option or at the shareholder’s option. In other words, the company can purchase back favorite[…]

How To Understand Equity Market – favored Stock

Favorite stocks or favored shares are different from most common stocks. They usually do not have voting rights on matters of corporate guidelines, their dividends are fixed and favored dividends will be paid previous to common share dividends. Generally, there are 4 different types of favored stock: participating favored stocks, increasing favored stocks, non cumulative[…]

3 Fundamental Tips For selecting Stock Market To Invest

A Stock Market Trading is the most well-liked investment option and it can make available you with huge returns provided that you make your options smartly and carefully. Following are the most essential tips for selecting the correct stocks to invest and make benefits: 1) You want to take a little time to compare the[…]

Trend For Trading Time Frames

Numerous different possibilities live for how to trade a newly recognized forex market trend. These strategies can differ significantly depending on the time frame that the directional trending progress in the exchange rate occurs within. Fundamentally, once a trader has properly recognized the way of the recent trend – maybe by drawing a trend line[…]