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Market Outlook On Friday, rupee opened on 71.9000 and traded in the range of 72.0350-71.5700 against US dollar led by a rally in domestic equities and renewed hopes of the US-China trade talks. Moreover, the rupee sentiment revived as concerns over US-China trade friction receded after China said it will not retaliate against the latest[…]

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Market Outlook Against the US dollar, the Indian rupee appreciated by 21 paise to open at 71.5400 and traded in the range of 71.6575 and 71.4000 due to easing market sentiment following a statement from the US trade representative. On the flip side, the dollar was under pressure, elbowed off a three-week peak after a[…]

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PIVOT TABLE CURRENCIES S1 S2 S3 R1 R2 R3 USDINR 61.5000 61.4000 61.3000 61.7000 61.8000 61.9000 EURINR 76.8000 76.7000 76.6000 77.0500 77.1500 77.2500 GBPINR 98.0500 98.1500 98.2500 97.8000 97.7000 97.6000 JPYINR 53.7500 53.6000 53.4500 54.0000 54.1000 54.2000 ¬†TECHNICAL VIEW JPYINR JPYINR on daily charts had shown strong selling pressure and is expected to continue if[…]