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Market Outlook Against the US dollar, the Indian rupee appreciated by 21 paise to open at 71.5400 and traded in the range of 71.6575 and 71.4000 due to easing market sentiment following a statement from the US trade representative. On the flip side, the dollar was under pressure, elbowed off a three-week peak after a[…]

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Market Outlook Against the US dollar, the Indian Rupee plunged to a record low of 70.4925 with market participants sentiments weakened after the US dollar continued to strengthen against Asian peers as well as a widening trade deficit on the domestic front. On the flip side, the dollar was supported near 14 months high amid[…]

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Market Outlook In early trade, the Indian Rupee opened weak at 68.7800 and throughout the day hovered in the range of 68.8475 and 68.6425 against the US dollar ahead of the Reserve Bank’s monetary policy announcement today. Though, the rupee’s fall to fresh demand for the US currency, but firm domestic bourses capped the losses.[…]

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Market Outlook The Indian Rupee opened nearly 12 paise down at 68.2450 and hovered in the range of 68.2750 and 68.1250 against the US dollar due to increasing demand of American currency by importers and banks. The dollar advance to near eleven month highs against a currency basket, as traders shrugged off concerns about a[…]

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Market Outlook The Rupee opened at 66.4275 up by 7 paisa and moved between 66.4875 and 66.2875 in trading hours against the US dollar in opening trade at the interbank foreign exchange market today on some selling of the greenback by exporters and banks. The USD had strengthened against all major currencies overseasin globally trade. While,[…]

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Market Outlook The Rupee opened at 65.8700 down by 18 paisa but couldn’t sustain there and recover in early trade and hovering between 65.7500 and 65.6300 in today’s trading hour against the dollar amid persistent capital outflows and a fresh ripple of geopolitical tension. Dollar gained from a three-week low after trade war concerns waned[…]

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Market Outlook The Rupee opened at 65.3500 up by 2 paisa but continuously week today made a 7th week low in early trade. But couldn’t sustain that level and sharp recovery over there and closed above it’s today’s high at 65.3400 against dollar on account of selling banks and traders. The falling in rupee is[…]

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Market Outlook The Rupee opened at 65.0425 up by 5 paisa and continuously week today it made low of 65.3800 and hovering near its imoprtant resistance. If Rupee breaks 65.4550 levels and sustains over there, may seen some more weakness in it. The RBI on Wednesday fixed the rupee reference rate at 80.5884 for the[…]

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Market Outlook The Rupee opened up by 5 paisa, made a high of 64.9625 in early trade and hovering in the range of 10 paisa between 65.1350 to 64.9625 during trading hours against the dollar selling by banks and exporters, amid firm domestic equities.The currency of Iran plumbed another record low against the USD today[…]

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Market Outlook The Indian Ruppe closed at 64.94 up by 5 paisa on Wednesday against the Dollar on account of selling of American currency by banks and exporters. While the Rupee open at 64.90 up by 8 paisa. The dollar sustains near one-week lows today due to the sudden dismissal of U.S. Secretary. U.S. President,[…]

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Market Outlook The rupee slid further by 22 paise to hit a low of 63.82 against the greenback on continued bouts of dollar demand from importers and banks amid firm domestic equities. The dollar recouped some of its recent losses on Thursday after China’s regulator dismissed a report that the country could halt its buying[…]

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Market Outlook The Indian rupee opened higher at 63.68 per dollar on Wednesday versus previous close 63.71.Pramit Brahmbhatt of Veracity said, “Rupee will trade on a flat note in absence of any cue. Trading range for the spot USD-INR pair will be 63.50-63.80.” The dollar edged higher against a basket of major currencies and hit[…]