What Is Forex?

 The foreign exchange is a place where currencies are traded. Currencies are very important every people of the world, because currencies required to be exchanged in order to conduct business and foreign trade. Currency trading is conducted electronically over-the-counter, that means all transactions perform via online trading software around the world. The forex market is open 24 hrs a day, 5 and 1/2 days a week it means foreign trading can be done any time anywhere and currencies are traded worldwide in the key financial centers of Tokyo, Zurich, London, New York, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

Advantage of Forex Trading

The Main impact of financial market in the world is the largest market because it provides various advantages to its participants. Forex is a largest market in the world and it is basic refer the currency trading; currency is always trade in the pair that means one currency can be change the another. The currency trading cannot be controlled by any central governing body; it is totally free from the commission in there all member trade with each other. It is not like a stock market,

Some of the key advantages offered are as follows:


In the Forex exchange, you can either select being a seller or a buyer. As a result you can profit from both rising and falling towards the market movements, especially following important public announcement.


Today’s Forex market provides the leverage amongst all financial markets. The Forex is the 2nd biggest financial market in the world, in terms of volume of trading, with more than USD 5000 Billion traded every day. This magnifies both profits and loss. Hence, even though the movements in the Forex market are usually small, traders end up gaining or losing a significant amount of money thanks to leverage. This is very important part of this market it gives permission to investing low amount of money, earn huge amount of money in short period of time.

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