is an independent stock market investment advisory company which provides stock market investment tips. Established in 2010 our aim was to create a unique trading tips for trader or investors, whereby they get access to all the stock market news, daily fundamental news, articles and views related to local and global financial markets all under one place. Hence, we have launched ‘multi facet’ portal where along with our team, we have worked together to host of experts, India’s leading stock advisory frame and have made available very useful market information and analysis and as a market result updated every day we help lots of trader or investors, traders to make their own investment strategy.

We believe in honesty which gives us a share market tips to conduct our business by providing huge returns to our clients. As we have a deep market research to understand of Indian Capital markets, it is our major responsibility to provide the best Intraday call to our clients.

We know very well about the difficulties a trader or investor faces right from receiving the professional advice till the execution of the trade. We know very well the importance of Accuracy, consistency and Speed at which message is to be passed to the trader in order to achieve huge returns.

Our Vision:

To be the first choice of traders and investors for investment information; and to uphold the Trifid Research standard as a respected symbol of excellence. In satisfying this purpose, we will build value for all the stakeholders.

Our Values:

  • Excellence through Professionalism, reliability & integrity.
  • Competitive & entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Loyalty of employees.
  • Responsiveness & creativity towards investors and trader’s needs.
  • Continuous self-improvement.